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Ghost Hunt!Lagonegro, MelissaBookJE-DIS
Olaf Loves to Read!Edwards, JohnBookJE-DIS
Big Snowman, Little SnowmanRabe, TishBookJBR Disney
Froggy Builds A SnowmanLondon, JonathanBookJP PLAY
Sneezy the SnowmanWright, MaureenBookJP WRIGHT
Snow Day!Frosty the SnowmanCarbone, CourtneyBookJE-CARBONE, C/CHRISTMAS
Flurry of the SnombiesCummings, TroyBookJMF CUM
Peter Powers and the Sinister Snowman Showdown!Clark, KentBookJE-PET
Hello, Olaf!Posner-Sanchez, AndreaBookJ BTR DISNEY
Snowman's StoryHillenbrand, WillBookJP STORIES
Anna Takes ChargeDavid, EricaBookJ-FRO
FrozenA Year With Elsa & Anna, and Olaf Too!Foreman, Matthew SinclairBookJMF DIS
Olaf's Perfect DayJulius, JessicaBookJP STORIES
Snowman SurprisePosner-Sanchez, AndreaBookJP DISNEY
Mouse and Mole, A Winter WonderlandYee, Wong HerbertBookJ BTR YEE
Snowmen at WorkBuehner, CaralynBookJP-BUEHNER (CHRISTMAS)
The Sleepwalking SnowmanMiedoso, AndresBookJY Miedoso A.
Olaf's Frozen AdventureThe Deluxe Junior NovelizationFrancis, SuzanneBookJ-FRA (CHRISTMAS)
The Most Perfect SnowmanBritt, ChrisBookJP EXPERIENCES
The Snowman and the SnowdogMembrino, AnnaBookJ BTR MEMBRINO
Stuffy the BraveDietrich, ChristopherBookLB D
Frosty the SnowmanNelson, SteveBookJE
Horrid Henry and the Abominable SnowmanSimon, FrancescaBookJE-S
Case of the Sneaky SnowmanKeene, CarolynBookjM KEENE v.5
Horrid Henry and the Abominable SnowmanSimon, FrancescaeBook
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