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Destined for WarCan America and China Escape Thucydides's Trap?Allison, Graham T.Book327.7305 ALLISON
The Shadow WarInside Russia's and China's Secret Operations to Defeat AmericaSciutto, JimBook327.7304 SCI
The Hundred-year MarathonChina's Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global SuperpowerPillsbury, MichaelBook327.1 PILLS
Stealth WarHow China Took Over While America's Elite SleptSpalding, Robert StanleyBookSOC SCI ECON
The China MirageThe Hidden History of American Disaster in AsiaBradley, JamesBookSOC SCI POLITICS
In the Age of AIDVD006.3 INT
Yin xing zhanZhongguo ru he zai Meiguo jing ying chen shui shi qiao qiao duo qu shi jie ba quan = Stealth war: how China took over while America's elite sleptSpalding, Robert StanleyBookCHI 327.7305 SPALD
Trump Vs. ChinaFacing America's Greatest ThreatGingrich, NewtBook327.73 GIN
Zhu ding yi zhan?Zhong Mei neng fou bi mian Xiuxidide xian jingAllison, Graham T.BookCHI 327.7305 ALLIS
Asia's ReckoningChina, Japan, and the Fate of U.S. Power in the Pacific CenturyMcGregor, RichardBook327.7305 MCG
The Beautiful Country and the Middle KingdomAmerica and China, 1776 to the PresentPomfret, JohnBook327.7305 P771b
Ping Pong DiplomacyThe Secret History Behind the Game That Changed the WorldGriffin, NicholasBook327.7305 GRIFFIN
A Contest for SupremacyChina, America, and the Struggle for Mastery in AsiaFriedberg, Aaron L.Book327.51 FRIEDBERG
The Beijing ConsensusHow China's Authoritarian Model Will Dominate the Twenty-first CenturyHalper, Stefan A.Book327.51 HALPE
Nixon and MaoThe Week That Changed the WorldMacmillan, Margaret OlwenBookSOC SCI POLITICS
Anson Burlingame and the First Chinese Mission to Foreign PowersWilliams, Frederick WellsBook327.73051 W672 2016
Stilwell and the American Experience in China, 1911-45Tuchman, Barbara W.Book951.04 TUC
Deceiving the SkyInside Communist China's Drive for Global SupremacyGertz, BillDownloadable AudiobookeAudiobook hoopla
U.S. Strategy in the Asian CenturyEmpowering Allies and PartnersDenmark, AbrahameBookeBook hoopla
Deceiving the SkyInside Communist China's Drive for Global SupremacyGertz, BilleBookeBook hoopla
Trump Vs. ChinaFacing America's Greatest ThreatGingrich, NewtLarge PrintLT 327.7305 G433t
Amerika no hanchū wa honki daAjia sōdatsu no beichū bōeki sensō ga hajimattaMiyazaki, MasahiroBookJPN SOC SCI ECON MIY
The China MissionGeorge Marshall's Unfinished War, 1945/1947Kurtz-Phelan, DanielBook951.042 K967c
UnrivaledWhy America Will Remain the World's Sole SuperpowerBeckley, MichaelBookSOC SCI POLITICS
ABC gai bian Zhong Mei wei laiQiu, LibenBookCHI SOC SCI POLITICS QIU
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