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7mary7 made a comment Apr 06 2021
"OK. Now I know it is ok to read this book because of the comments made by "iloveseaotters" . She trashed other books I totally loved.She didn't like this one, so I probably will." Permalink
7mary7 added a title to their Completed shelf Apr 06 2021
A follow-up to Firefly Lane returns readers to the world of Tully, Kate, and Tully's mother, who explore their understandings about love, family, loss, and redemption while turning to each other in the hopes of salvaging their lives.
7mary7 moved a title to their Completed shelf Oct 05 2020
Baker & TaylorAn account of the deadly influenza epidemic of 1918, which took the lives of millions of people around the world, examines its causes, its impact on early twentieth-century society, and the lasting implications of the crisis.Baker &...
7mary7 added a title to their Completed shelf Apr 18 2020
"Pulpy, peppery and sinister, served up in a comic deadpan...This scorpion-tailed little thriller leaves a response, and a sting, you will remember."—NEW YORK TIMES"The wittiest and most fun murder party you've ever been invited to."—MARIE CLAIRE...
7mary7 liked a comment by
Apr 07 2020
"I don’t get what the hype was with this book. I read this after so many great reviews but I could hardly keep going after the first 50 pages, it was painful.... the writing style was too extravagant and he uses too many synonyms at once to describ..." Permalink
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