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ontherideau made a comment Nov 23 2020
"Have you ever seen movies where someone goes to investigate danger and tells the person in the vehicle to stay IN THE CAR! The main character does not stay in the car- ever. Lots of themes are touched on in this Canadian mystery." Permalink
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Nov 19 2020
"Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Utterly unique and thoroughly entertaining... PLOT SUMMARY: Tuesday Mooney is an independent, fulfilled woman who doesn’t need anything other than her work and her trivia nights. She’s all good, right? Right? Pushing people aw..." Permalink
ontherideau made a comment Nov 18 2020
"I was hoping for history of the Viking journeys, there's a lot of hunting- resulting in killing." Permalink
ontherideau made a comment Nov 16 2020
"At times funny, sad, political, introspective and insightful. A cast of demon characters became like family." Permalink
ontherideau rated a title Nov 16 2020
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