Are you tired of realizing how awful you are? Stop it. There, doesn't that feel better? I'm like Meg Ryan in late 1980's rom-coms. Settin' everyone straight. Especially those charming, quirky, slightly flawed sensitive types. Go to sleep Tom Hanks. Seattle has enough Starbucks to the point where you should be able to function on 300mg of caffeine easily. Welcome to America, Tom Hanks. As a disclaimer, this list will make you a better person and make you feel very happy for short bursts of time, but overall will leave you feeling very sad if you really get into the mindsets of the artists. Especially Virginia Woolf. But she deserves to be on everyone's reading list
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Life Is Worth Losing
Spoken-word CD - 2005
It's Bad for Ya
Spoken-word CD - 2008
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