The Pigeon Tunnel
The Pigeon Tunnel Stories From My Life By Le Carré, John Book - 2016

20-starred review!
I was expecting a good read, but was surprised at what a truly fascinating read Mr. Cornwell's memoirs are - - just the several pages on Allen Dulles and the German intelligence are highly enlightening, as are many of the other recondite facts and events recounted by a fellow traveler [one who also is disgusted at criminal banks and corrupt intelligence services].
Interesting details on British politics, which along with Thai and Japanese politics must count as the world's murkiest and most sophisticated, given the layers of oligarchs - - royals - - and political classes.
Droll wit welcomed . . .
[My only criticism of this book and David Cornwell is to be found on p. 131, when Cornwell is interviewing a Russian gangster, and Cornwell repeats the mythology of the robber baron who ages into a benevolent saint. FYI, Mr. Cornwell, the Lusitania was sunk by a sub from the shipyards of Andrew Carnegie, sold to the Kaiser when Carnegie was supposedly, according to the so-called media, on a world peace tour pleading peace with the Kaiser. Sadly, Cornwell probably would believe the [mostly Koch brothers-financed] NPR when they falsely reported that a billionaire philanthropically moved $1 billion in stocks into his foundation - - not a charitable act, but to avoid taxation, and to hide and shelter his ownership, wealth and activities. See if you are able to determine the net worth, sometime, of Andrew Carnegie Rockefeller?]

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