I first read these books when I was sixteen years old and I was totally into the cheesy love triangle. Since then, I have met my spouse of many years and he is from India (Telangana). I recently decided to reread these books, and I have to say that I enjoyed them much more the second time around!

Reading about Kelsey and Ren's cultural differences reminds me so much of the early days with my own hubbie. I totally thought that the author was exaggerating about a lot of things in Indian culture- especially how gentlemen-ly the brothers are. Let me just tell you, it is not an exaggeration. People in India still get arranged marriages. They have extremely limited contact with the opposite sex until their wedding day, and both the men and women are coached their whole lives about how to act after said wedding day with their spouses.

So the book: Is it cheesy af? Yes. But no more so than a Bollywood movie. More than anything, I love the imagination behind this book! Is it high quality writing? No! But you know what? That's ok because this book inspires you to dream and wonder about the world. Who cares if a comma or two is out of place? This book is just dang fun.

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