God I just love this series. I know it's kind of trashy but there's something about SJM's writing that's addicting. Do I recognise the flaws in the story? Yes. Do I care? No.

In this book the shifting nature of Celaena's capabilities isn't as obvious because of her recovery from Endovier and she's still building up her skills again.

I also think the love triangle is slightly forced but it also not so evident in this book as Celaena is mostly focused on surviving the challenge to become champion and live another day. Which I mean... fair enough! Also, I am against playboys suddenly reconsidering their lifestyle for one girl (Yes, that means you Dorian!).

One of my favourite things that this series does pretty well is have Celaena remain very feminine but also quite capable of killing you, one doesn't negate the other. She loves her food and her fashion and ogling the men that she is also quite capable of killing.

I love her relationship with Nehemia and SJM did Nehemia wrong in just about every way but mostly by you know... but more of that in the next book. Nehemia is an awesome female friend (something I'm glad Celaena gets more of). They have their fights but they always end up back on each others side where they belong. And if you think about it (sly wink) they would the perfect friends for each other.

I just think this is the tip of the pretty amazing iceberg and each series only gets better from here.

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