Eclipse is the 3rd book from the Twilight series. It continues the story from where
it was left off in the second book. In this book, Bella finds herself in danger again
when a series of murders in Seattle break out. Edward suspects it’s the work of a
vampire out for revenge. But the Cullens can’t fight them alone; they need help
from Jacob and the werewolves to make sure Bella is unharmed. However, now
Bella has to choose between Edward and Jacob, and she can’t do so without
feeling guilty for hurting either one of them. She also has to choose between
becoming a vampire or staying human. Will she marry Edward and become
immortal? Or will she choose Jacob and live life to a normal extent?
My favorite quote from the book was “What would happen to the things I want
now?” It really stood out to me because I think that we’re so busy with everything
that’s going on in our lives, that sometimes we don’t even realize how much
we’ve changed. All our likes, dislikes, interests and wants change, and we don’t
even pay attention to that. It made me realize how short life is, and that we should
enjoy every moment because we don’t know what the future might bring. So
maybe we should pay more attention to what we want, and not to what others
might think.
I think anyone who has started reading the series would definitely like to read
this. After all, you can’t start a series and leave it halfway through. Even if you’re
not the biggest Twilight fan, you must be curious to find out what happens. This
the book version, which has been made into a movie series. So if you’re not
interested in reading the series, you can still watch the movies! I would definitely
recommend this series to anyone who’s interested in the romance genre and
loves to read about the supernatural, because this series is a great mix of that.

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