Ghost Hunters
Ghost Hunters Season Three, Part 2 DVD - 2007

I enjoy a re-run now and again, I find the older stuff much more interesting than the new. I think the show has lost a lot of the spark since Grant's departure. Steve and Tango look forever bored out of their minds in the newer episodes which only solidifies my opinion on the show not being nearly as good as it used to once be. The new shows lack A LOT of the original enthusiasim that it used to have. Big yawn. I very much agree with fellow commenter real_thing. They are in desperate need of a REAL psychic. And like real_thing sasys, they never seem to do anything to actually help any one. They go investigate and do their TV thing but how does that help the clients in the end? They dismiss a ton of evidence as dust, bugs or car headlights etc. I realize that sometimes those are the things causing certian manifestations. However, there have been many many times when I think that things that get dismissed so quickly are actual paranormal. They don't ever offer advice that could be actually usefull like Amy Allen does on the TV reality show "The Dead Files". Now SHE helps the ppl. Truely helps them rid their dwelling of anything unwated. TAPS should follow suit because failing to do that is just making them look far less credible and selfish for ratings only.

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