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Book - 2007
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Nov 13, 2010

edward returns for bella and jacob ain't too happy bout that. soon bellas life is in danger and vampires have to learn to work together with werewolves.

Nov 14, 2009

Eclipse returns us to the town of Forks and find that nothing much has changed. Graduation is closer than ever (after which, the Cullen's have agreed to make Bella a vampire) and a serial killer is loose in Seattle. Bella cannot see Jacob, her best friend because he is a Werewolf, and due to her ties to the vampires, it would break treaties and bonds made between them.

As the days go by, and graduation gets closer and closer, Bella must choose her fate. She wants to become immortal and be with Edward, but she must give up her family to do so. She is also worried about the change: will she be able to be "vegetarian" like the Cullen Family, and refrain from human blood? Or will her new blood lust cause her to kill innocent people?

The serial killer that is in Seattle turns out to be supernatural: newborn vampires on the loose. This brings up even more issues for Bella and her decision to become immortal. Not that anything could ever persuade her to give Edward up, but it makes the choice more difficult by showing her the realities of becoming a vampire.

Without spoiling the plot: Jacob wants more from Bella too, which makes the choice even more difficult. Must Bella choose between the love of her life and her best friend?

Eclipse is yet another installment of a series I desperately hope will continue. I want to continue watching the characters grow and change, and find out what their lives will unfold to be like. I am already anxious for the next in the series! Write more, Stephenie Meyer!

anoudconda Mar 28, 2009

Eward and bella gets engaged. JAcobn falls and in love with bella. The newborns and victoria come and try to kill bella. Jacob froces/tricks bella into kissing him and bella trys to have sex with edward but he syas no but when he does she dosent't then they graduate from high schol. In the fight with victoria the cullens and the werewolf team up

Sep 27, 2008

Bella Swan who we know moved from living with her mom, to living with her dad in forks. The relationship between Bella and Edward seems to be getting stronger, but so does the relationship between Bella and Jake. Although what do you do when an "Old Friend" is coming back to town for revenge, and there are baby vampires loose in Seattle?

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