Digimon Data Squad

Digimon Data Squad

Collection One

DVD - 2007
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Follow the adventures of Marcus, a cool junior high school student, and his favorite Digimon Agumon as they investigate their way through the digital world battling digital monsters in exciting and different situations.
Publisher: [Richardson, Tex.] : Manufactured and distributed by Well Go USA, c2007
Characteristics: 3 videodiscs (ca. 286 min.) : sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in


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Jun 27, 2017

My eight yr old loved it and it was better than Pokemon for the adults... much more willing to listen or watch with him. As most adults with children know there are some shows that you just can't handle. This was not one of them for us.

red_leopard_422 Jul 26, 2014


X_andor_Who Apr 18, 2014

Digimon: Data Squad: (J-Anime; first season; Episodes 01-12): Not to denigrate, degrade, and deride the Digimon franchise, but I do not have many positive praise points per Digimon: DS. Animation: Fluidity of characters’ movements felt fine. For me, the visual art aspect, mixed amongst the pain pouring story’s script, made watching with mine eyes an arduous task. VoiceActing: The harsh, grating, written words were tremendously hurtful to me and mine ears. Additionally, there was only one soundtrack, and this soundtrack was in English with no subtitles; thus, this making my task of listening to Digimon: DS an unforgiving experience. WrittenScript: Poignantly and piercingly painful. Characters: Having comparison of Digimon: DM, Season One’s characters, I feel that the characters of Digimon: DS were commercialized and bastardized. And anything prodigious the original series may have had could not be seen by me in this opening first season series. Commander Samson: deep voiced; middle-aged man; head director of D.A.T.S.… Marcus Daimon: fervent fighter; has a belligerent and aggressive attitude toward almost anyone; (dinosaur-type named: agumon)… Thomas H. Northstein: thinking tactician; approaches situations with a calm capacity; ladies love him; (wolf-typenamed: gaomon)… Yoshishino: D.A.T.S. lady; helps balances-out the initial, male-dominant team; (plant-type named: lolomon)… Place: D.A.T.S., a police facility, outside the digital world that delegates and dictates digimon legalities by way of physical fighting force. Extra Tinkering, Thinking Thought: To me, D.A.T.S. felt wrong. The show so far, feels fake, phony, and insincere. When I had finished watching Digimon: DS, I felt much of my somatic skin and stomach had become curmudgeonly cancerous. The device deployed in Digimon: DS may be highly effective in regards to regaining plot continuity, but the memory eraser instrumentation device that they, the D.A.T.S. members and the show’s writer’s, use is something I usually and feverishly find to be unforgiveable… and I will regard it as a super cop-out. I’m only comfortable with a few storytelling techniques that can recover from potential, massive plot wormholes… and they are as follows: Gan’s Jagan technique from Getbackers; ninjutsu and genjutsu from Naruto; and dream sequences of most to any sort. If I somehow missed something awesomely special with respects to this show’s season one performance, I would like to properly apologize… but from what I gathered, Digimon: DS is something of which, I wish not and want not to watch. I had loved the group dynamics of the original Digimon season one. That being, the children were planted in a strange world that they, nor I, were accustom to… and that was fun… while this series, so far, not so much. The tunneling thru the bank vaults in Episode 4, reminded me of Johnny 5 from Short Circuit 2. To me, this show feels saturated in commercialization. It didn’t feel genuine. The script felt dim witted. It didn’t feel funny, either. The characters seem to be always yelling at each other. Maybe that changes later in the series; but up to episode six, which was the last full episode I had watched before skipping off and on to episode twelve, the pain had been just too much to bear. It truly hurt. At this moment, I am encouraged to believe this show to be miasmic poison to the mind (or at least to mine). As I laid there, lying on my bed, watching Digimon: DS, I could feel my mind becoming mush, muck, mire, mud, mildew, and of spewing chunks, billowing bombastic, unnecessary hates. The more I had watched, the more I could feel my general attitude getting shoddier. Maybe I’m wrong about the series, and maybe it will have redeeming traits later on in the series… or like I wrote earlier… maybe I missed something especially awesome while in the first twelve episodes. I’ll try to see if it gets better on the next DVD box set. Rating: Powerfully painful; Xandor Who


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X_andor_Who Apr 18, 2014

Initial Summary: Of all things, Marcus, a teenage human and delinquent punk of some sort, is seen fighting a digimon thru the use of his own, naked hands! From this meeting and fight, Marcus meets Agumon, his new dinosaur digimon buddy! Yoshiniro, a policing member of D.A.T.S., pesters Marcus about him having to relinquish his new digimon friend, Agumen, over to D.A.T.S.… but Marcus basically says, “the hell I will!” Eventually, Marcus joins D.A.T.S. with Agumon! They battle together… beat baddies together… and merge their DNA together! So yeah, now that we're D.A.T.S., let’s go police and terrorize some degenerate Digimon… because let’s face it… degenerate Digimon need to be told what to do! (Some slight sarcasm aptly applied here with respects to the previous sentence). Tags Summary: fighting, monsters, digital, evolution, digivolve, character bonds, let’s say our attacks aloud, let’s talk while we fight, fervent fighters, battle bouts, symbiosis, synergistic relationships, symbiotic existence, brave battle brawls, brave battle bouts, bravery, teamwork, heroes, self discovery, imaginary creatures, fantasy, fictional, fictional world, real world, imaginary world, composite worlds, world travelers, world domination, digital devastation, viruses, computer coding, programs, protocols, digital devices, Japanese jargon, individuality, world hopping, powering up, transformations. Similar Titles: Lufia 2; Pokemon; Yugioh; Megami Tensei series. -X; Who


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